Photo de Michel  Angers

Michel Angers

Mayor, City of Shawinigan

Born in Shawinigan, Michel Angers was elected mayor for a first mandate on November 1, 2009 and re-elected in the election of November 3, 2013.
Committed to the city's economic recovery, he is Chair and Spokesperson of the Shawinigan Committee for diversification and economic development, the Shawinigan entrepreneurial community, the Alphonse-Desjardins Shawinigan Entrepreneurship Centre and Digihub Shawinigan.
Mr. Angers has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Union des municipalités du Québec since April 1, 2012 and member of the Executive Committee since 2013.
In addition, he is Chair of the Commission on Public Safety, member of the Commission des Assises, member of the Quebec Police Services Council, member of the FQM-SQ-UMQ Liaison Committee, member of the Committee on the Remuneration of Elected Officials and member of the Committee on Smart Communities.
Before entering politics, Mr. Angers held various positions. In 1980, he joined the Shawinigan plant of Alcan Smelters and Chemical Company (now Rio Tinto Alcan). From 1988 to 2009, he was active within the CSN union, among others, as President of the local section, President of the Shawinigan Central Council and President of the Cœur du Québec Central Council.
Finally, from 1997 to 2009, he was actively involved in economic development in the Mauricie Regional Development Council, the Centre-de-la-Mauricie CLD and was President of the regional council of labour market partners of the Mauricie Emploi-Québec.