Photo de Marie-Claude  Arguin

Marie-Claude Arguin

General Director
City of Lac-Mégantic and the Lac-Mégantic reconstruction office

Marie-Claude is from Lac-Mégantic, but since graduating from university in 1991, she has lived or worked in eight of the Canadian provinces and territories in addition to the United States, Europe and South Asia. By the age of 35, she had already travelled, both for personal and business purposes, to all the continents with the exception of South America, meaning that in her young adult life, Marie-Claude had already experienced several different cultures and economic environments. Unfortunately, she has seen her share of terrible destruction, but she has also witnessed the complete recovery of communities.

Marie-Claude has 25 years of professional experience in management. While working in project management, considering all facets of human, material and financial resources, Marie-Claude has always specialized in crisis management. She has developed a passion for it over the past two decades and she hopes it will be beneficial to her latest mission: contributing positively to the recovery and revitalization of Lac-Mégantic.

A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics, Marie-Claude later obtained a Master’s degree in Defense Studies, with a specialty in Strategic Leadership.

It is therefore the marriage of her professional experience with her love for her hometown that brought her back to Lac-Mégantic. With the support of her husband and two boys, Marie-Claude decided shortly after the events of July 6, 2013, to go back to her roots and lend a hand with the redevelopment efforts.