September 9 2017 8:30 AM

Political governance of the regions and territories

The political governance of regions and territories is a topic that we will tackle from four different viewpoints. The first is from Switzerland and consists of an analysis of the importance of decentralization in the economic and social development of European regions. The second and third viewpoints express two different but not necessarily opposing visions that we may have of the political governance of the Quebec regions in the 21st century. Finally, the fourth viewpoint is from New Brunswick and shows what a provincial government can do, even when not decentralized, to better serve its regions.

Photo de Jean-Marie  Bézard

Jean-Marie Bézard

Co-founder and Vice President of the Scientific Committee
Forum of Ideas for Quebec
Photo de Marc  Bros de Puechredon

Marc Bros de Puechredon

Chair of the Executive Committee
BAKBASEL, Basel, Switzerland
Photo de Marie-José  Fortin

Marie-José Fortin

Professor at Université du Québec à Rimouski
Canada Research Chair in Regional and Territorial Development
Photo de Guy  Chiasson

Guy Chiasson

Professor of Political Science and Regional Development
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Photo de Éric  Forest

Éric Forest

Canadian Senator 
Former Mayor of Rimouski and President of the UMQ
Photo de Colette  Roy-Laroche

Colette Roy-Laroche

Former Mayor, Lac-Mégantic
Photo de William  Morrison

William Morrison

Professor, University of New Brunswick
Co-Executive Director of the Health and Education Research Group (HERG)
Photo de Bernard  Sévigny

Bernard Sévigny

Mayor of Sherbrooke and President of the UMQ
Photo de Jean  Perras

Jean Perras

Former Mayor of Chelsea
Photo de Jean  Matte

Jean Matte

General Manager of the Association des directeurs généraux des municipalités du Québec and former General Manager of Rimouski